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Raymond Tanter
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Articles by Raymond Tanter

Title Publication Date
Preparing for Regime Change in Iran THE WASHINGTON INSTITUTE October 21, 2016
Obama's Iran Deal Caused The Administration To Ignore Valuable Nuclear Intelligence Opinion June 2016
What America Can Learn from Zalmay Khalilzad THE NATIONAL INTEREST April 12, 2016
A Plan to Prevent a Nuclear-Armed Iran Foreign Policy February 15, 2016
Islamist Movements Protégées of the Ayatollahs AMAZON 13 January 2016
Bipartisan consensus: Stop Iran and its missile attacks on Iranian dissidents THE HILL October 31, 2015
The Iran Deal Needs Bipartisanship Foreign Policy 15 August, 2015
A 'bad' nuclear deal with Iran would jeopardize world peace THE HILL June 10, 2015
Tehran Destablizes; Gets Sanctions Relief & Nuclear Threshold Status Iran Policy Committee Publishing May 26, 2015
The National Council of Resistance of Iran President-Elect to Testify Before Congress Townhall April 27, 2015
Iran's Breakout and Sneakout Into the Nuclear Sunset Foreign Policy March 11, 2015
Professor Raymond Tanter at MidPoint Newsmaxtv 04 March, 2015
The press and the president: Sins of commission and omission THE HILL February 18, 2015
Washington's Third Option Against a Nuclear Iran Foreign Policy 16 February, 2015
Reactions to the new global agreements Minsk in Ukraine Russian TV Arabic 12 February, 2015
Jordan vs ISIS CCTV BEIJING 05 February, 2015
Raymond Tanter, President of the American Committee on Human Rights Ameirca's Forum Newsmax TV 30 January, 2015
Repost by ICT: The Rising Insurgency for Sanctions Against Iran ICT: International Institute for Counter-Terrorism 29 January, 2015
Observations approval of US involvement in the coup, Ukraine Obama: Lavrov Russian TV Arabic 02 February, 2015
United States budget CCTV BEIJING US 03 February, 2015
ISIL hostage crisis; International media review; South Korean cool CCTV ENGLISH 29 January, 2015
Raymond Tanter on Russian TV Arabic Russian TV Arabic February 1, 2015
The Rising Insurgency for Sanctions Against Iran Foreign Policy 29 January, 2015
How Saudi King Abdullah's Death Impacts U.S. Policy Wall Street Journal Television January 23, 2015
Cartoons, Dissent, and Human Rights in Iran Foreign Policy January 20, 2015
Interview on Iran with Frank Gaffney Iran Policy Committee Publishing January 12, 2015
Global counter-terrorism and China corruption. CCTV ENGLISH January 14, 2015
How Not to Negotiate With Rogue Regimes Foreign Policy January 06, 2015
Former White House staffer Raymond Tanter discusses latest events in DPRK Iran Policy Committee Publishing January 03, 2015
Are U.S. Ground Troops in the Middle East Inevitable? Iran Policy Committee Publishing September 23, 2014
Where does Turkey fit in the coalition against IS? Iran Policy Committee Publishing 20 September, 2014
Russian Television–> Arabic US: Help resettle CampLiberty PMOI from Iraq acting for Iran Iran Policy Committee Publishing September 11, 2014
Islamic State Battle: Are U.S. Ground Troops Needed? Iran Policy Committee Publishing September 8, 2014
Russia TV Arabic Hit on Ukraine with Implications for the Middle East Iran Policy Committee Publishing 02 September, 2014
Has the West done enough to pressure Russia? Iran Policy Committee Publishing July 29, 2014
Obama's Moment to Seize the Day in Iraq Townhall August 30, 2014
Raymond Tanter, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Alhurra TV, Arabic Iran Policy Committee Publishing August 24, 2014
Raymond Tanter at Bloomberg TV. Iran Policy Committee Publishing 25 August, 2014
Stopping the Islamic State Might Be Obama's Chance to Salvage His Middle East Policy Foreign Policy 25 August, 2014
Raymond Tanter on CCTV America Iran Policy Committee Publishing August 22, 2014
Raymond Tanter at Russian Television Iran Policy Committee Publishing August 22, 2014
Obama Doesn't Have His Heart in Iraq: Tanter BLOOMBERG TV August 15, 2014
Still no help for Iranian dissidents THE HILL August 13, 2014
How the Iranian Regime Cheated the World: Tehran's Systematic Efforts to Cover Up its Nuclear Weapons Program Iran Policy Committee Publishing July 27, 2014
Is Iran About to Lash Out at Its Dissidents? Foreign Policy July 20, 2014
Arab Rebels and Iranian Dissidents Iran Policy Committee Publishing June 27, 2014
Preparations for Assaults on Iranian Dissidents in Iraq by Iran's Forces and Proxies Townhall July 12, 2014
The War Over How Washington Should Think About Iraq Foreign Policy July 11, 2014
Iran prepares to assault Iranian dissidents in Iraq Townhall July 10, 2014
After Losing Iraq, Is Maliki Going to Lose His Job? Foreign Policy July 9, 2014
World Insight – CCTV News: Iraq divided; Ukraine crisis; Cross-Straits relations World Insight – CCTV News June 29, 2014
Stabilizing Iraq— Refrain from Coordinating with Iran Pressure Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) by Arming Syrian Moderates Condition U.S. Arms and Airstrikes on Inclusive Political Coalition IRAN POLICY COMMITTEE June 20, 2014
Unsure about the BergdahlScandal? Tune in as IPCPublishing (Professor Raymond Tanter) discusses the prisoner swap. MIBIGSHOW June 6, 2014
The Mysteries of Nuclear Iran—Two letters responding to 'Iran's Nuclear Masters' (editorial, 27 May 2014), 3 June 2014 Wall Street Journal Editorial June 6, 2014
Wall Street Journal Editorial, Iran's Nuclear Masters—Tehran has kept its core team of weaponization researchers intact, 17 May 2014 and Letters to the Editor about the Editorial Wall Street Journal Editorial June 6, 2014
Obama and Rouhani: Strategy, Capability, and Resolve in Nuclear Negotiations Foreign Policy May 16, 2014
No Visa for a Kidnapper-Diplomat Implicated in Assassination Townhall May 10, 2014
Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory Foreign Policy December 20, 2013
Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat in Iraq's Elections Foreign Policy April 29, 2014
At Midterm, Iran's Implementation of Its Nuclear Obligations Gets an 'F' Foreign Policy April 11, 2014

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